Patient cabinets in the hospital

Secure your patients’ private belongings with our electronic furniture locker. Our locks are ideal for fixed assigned lockers in the hospital. They offer maximum privacy for their patients. With our innovative technology, you can ensure that your patients have easy and secure access to their own belongings at all times.

The programming of our locks is extremely simple and therefore our locks are also ideally suited if the locker user changes regularly.

PS recommendation: With the number combination lock TEN, only the code has to be changed again by means of the number combination on the keypad.

Further options: The SOLO lock with a simple key card could also be suitable for this. Here only the programming card is needed to activate or deactivate keys.

If the lock SOLO is connected directly to the power supply and is controlled by software, different user cards can be activated or deactivated.

Staff lockers in the hospital

Secure your hospital staff lockers with our electronic furniture locks. Our locks are ideal for fixed assigned lockers that need to be kept sterile and clean. With our innovative locks, you can be sure that your employees have safe and easy access to their personal belongings at all times, while maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of the lockers.

PS recommendation : The SOLO lock with key card or chip. Each staff member is assigned his/her own locker and only that staff member can access the locker.

Further options : Another variant could be the TEN castle, for example. Here, an additional keyboard is mounted on the outside of the cabinet. Here, each employee can be assigned his/her own number combination and access is thus regulated.

Shop interior pharmacy

Create a secure and efficient ambience in your pharmacy or shop with our electronic furniture locks. Ideal for shop fixtures, our locks allow you to easily monitor and secure your restocking and replenishment supplies. With our innovative technology, you can ensure that only authorised persons have access. Our locks are installed on the inside of the cupboard door/drawer and thus do not interfere with the design of your piece of furniture.

PS recommendation: the SOLO 125 lock with locking part and easy opening via key card. All staff members receive a card to access the locks programmed for them.

Another variant : The SOLO BT lock with control via Bluetooth app could also be a possibility for this.

PS-recommendations: SOLO – for this purpose, we recommend the SOLO 125 with locking part and simple opening via key card – this way, all employees can receive a card and access the locks programmed for them.

Further options: SOLO BT – the SOLO lock with control via Bluetooth app could also be a possibility for this.

Control of access to medicines

Secure access to medicines in your hospital with our electronic furniture locks. Our locks are ideal for medicine cabinets that need to ensure that only authorised people have access to the medicines.

With our innovative access management, you can programme and control authorisation for each employee and each department individually. Our electronic furniture locks offer you and your team the highest level of security and control when it comes to accessing medicines.

PS-recommendations: The lock SOLO is the easiest lock, with the most possibilites to use. Thanks to an open API, the locking system can be implemented in existing solutions.

Further optionns:TheTEN combination lock is also an opportunity. Access management can only be regulated by passing on the code.

Employee theft in the pharmacy

Safety in your pharmacy is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, theft and especially theft by employees is a recurring theme. This can be easily prevented by electronic furniture locks. With a simple cloud variant, it is possible to analyse exactly who had access to the cabinet/drawer in question and when. In this way, it is possible to track exactly who can be held responsible for this theft.

PS-recommendation: The SOLO BT lock with Bluetooth makes it possible to easily track the history of openings and closings through this cloud-based solution.

Further options: If a solution is already available via a cloud, each SOLO lock can also be easily integrated into existing applications.

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