document- and filing cabinets

Electronic furniture locks offer an effective way to securely lock important data in document and filing cabinets. Compared to conventional, mechanical locks, electronic locks for drawers and cupboard doors offer a higher level of security.

In addition, access rights can be better restricted with these locks. Thus, only authorised persons have access to the documents and files. This makes it an ideal solution for companies and organisations that need to protect confidential information.

PS-recommendation: The SOLO lock is the most flexible furniture lock, as it can be mounted at the inside of the furniture piece and is therefore invisible. Key cards can be activated and deactivated by means of a programming card, thus access is
easy to control.

Further options: If a direct power connection is possible or available, the SOLO 12V or SOLO 3V lock can be used.

Roll COntainer at the workplace

Electronic furniture locks are a useful and practical solution not only at home but also at work. Especially in offices or companies where confidential or valuable documents are kept, electronic locks offer higher security than conventional locks.

By using electronic furniture locks on mobile pedestals, cabinets or drawers, you can restrict access to certain areas or documents and thus prevent unauthorised access. Through the individual management of access rights, you can determine exactly who is allowed to access which areas.

PS-recommendation: The SOLO lock with battery operation and opening via RFID key card. It is fitted inside the mobile pedestal and therefore does not interfere with the design of the cabinet. All key cards that are to have access can be conveniently assigned to the lock via programming card.

Further options: If a power connection is available, the SOLO 12V or 3V would also be a possibility. Here, lock groups for the joint opening of several drawers would also not be a problem.

Changing rooms and lockers

Electronic furniture locks are also a sensible and practical solution in changing rooms and lockers at the workplace. By using electronic furniture locks on changing rooms and lockers, you can restrict access to certain areas and thus prevent unauthorised access.

With the various access rights, you can define exactly who is allowed to access which areas. This offers staff a high level of comfort and safety.

PS-recommendation: The TEN public combination lock makes an open cupboard selection possible. Simply enter your own code and confirm with the check mark. After opening, this PIN is deleted again and the locker is free for the next user.

Further options: The lock SOLO with open locker selection – the own card for this locker is always read in and the locker can then be opened again with the same card.

Mailboxes at the workplace

Each staff member receives his/her own parcels and, above all, his/her own letters. Consequently, each employee also needs his/her own mailbox. How is this best handled? Quite simply, by means of an electronic furniture lock which blocks the post box from unauthorised access. Each employee receives a key card for his/her mailbox and can thus access it conveniently at any time.

PS-recommendation: The SOLO lock with a key card is the lock of choice. This is the easiest way to control who has access to which mailbox.

Further options: The MINI lock is the solution if the opening and closing of the mailboxes is controlled via a central relay, for example with one code per authorised user.

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