FLIN - Electronic lock milled into the sidewall


With a height of only 11 mm, the FLIN lock has enough space in almost every side wall. The FLIN is drilled or milled with two holes, each 35mm in diameter. 

All versions are equipped with a 1.5 m long cable. The length and possible plugs can be adjusted on request. For large quantities, there is also the option of customizing the color.

The current consumption is 100 to a maximum of 500 mA for 0.3 seconds. When the lock has reached an end position, the electricity is turned off. If there is a loss of voltage, the lock remains in the last position.

Optionally, the FLIN lock can also be manufactured with a “door closed switch”.

The lock is recommended for drawers with a maximum width of 50 cm.

electronic control unit for door striker Download the specification file



The FLIN SECONDARY is mostly used in combination with a SOLO lock and can be connected on the back of the SOLO. Alternatively, any other microprocessor can be used for control.

The following connection applies to the 1.5 m cable:

  • White – control line, LOW = open, HIGH = close
  • Black in the middle: Plus 3V
  • Black outside: minus GND
Artikel Nr:Eigenschaften:Material:
Flin SecondarySchloss in Kombination mit einem SOLO SchlossKunststoff

FLIN 2,5 V / 12 V DC

FLIN 2,5 V

The FLIN 2.5V is operated with a voltage of 2 – 2.5 V DC. Usually a changeover switch or a relay is used.


  • Black- GND / minus
  • Green- open
  • Yellow- close


The FLIN 12 V is operated with a voltage of 8-16 V DC. Usually a changeover switch or a relay is used.


  • Black- GND / minus
  • Red- open
  • Green- close
Artikel Nr.: Eigenschaften:Material:
FLIN 2,5VSchloss mit 3 V AnsteuerungKunststoff
FLIN 12V Schloss mit 12 V AnsteuerungKunststoff
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