Since 1986, PS GmbH has been recognized as a reliable supplier and wholesaler of furniture components.

PS has been recognized worldwide as a market leader in the field of innovative and high-precision electromechanical locks in the high-end furniture sector. Our ambition is to integrate the latest technologies from science and technology into our existing product range and to uniquely develop advanced products for the world market.


We are leaders in innovation worldwide because …

  • …We enjoy developing the best solutions and products.
  • …We offer a 5-year warranty and short delivery times.
  • …We offer a flexible approach which ensures our ability to meet customer expectations within a short time frame.
  • …We are young and flexible and can thus realise new customer wishes in a short time.


Our mission is to simplify locking systems and enable easy installation. We are offering the best solutions to the high-quality furniture manufacturer, that do not affect the design.

Our quality, environmental and safety management structures ensure the best results. Our customers experience and feel the highest level of comfort and precision that our furniture locks offer.

Electronic cabinet locks with RFID and Bluetooth

A highly flexible electronic lock for your cabinet, drawers and sliding doors. This SOLO furniture lock can be operated by RFID, Bluetooth or 12V. This electrical cupboard lock can be used with a versatile selection of accessories, like external antennas, installation kits for metal and glass sliding doors, two latches, spacer plate and external power supplies. Additionally, you can group several cabinet locks together in the SOLO locks collection.

TEN is our electronic keypad lock, that is suited for lockers and allows easy access to drawers and closets with a 4-digit code. Our electronic furniture locks of this series are called TEN PUBLIC and TEN PRIVATE. A simple emergency opening with a master code can help access your electronic drawer lock if needed. In public areas offering a free locker option, our TEN combination lock opens in 3 seconds and very easily.

With our electronic furniture lock TWO, you found a way to secure sliding doors made of glass, metal or wood. A key fob, key card and a programmed bracelet can open the cabinet lock of every sliding door for such an often hidden electronic lock. A glass mounting kit can be implemented and 49 RFID keys in the basic package with one programming card can give access to your electronic sliding door.

PS PLUR locks can lock multiple drawers by installing the sensor on the top of the locked cabinet. With integrated BLUM slides, a PLUR lock can be your electronic furniture lock of choice. A central locking bar can open all electronic cabinet locks with a key sticker, placed on your cell phone. You can select from PLUR 125, PLUR 13, PLUR BT, PLUR SECONDARY LOCK and PLUR 3V / 12V DC to suit all locking technologies.

Smart locking solutions, like our tiny FLIN, allow fitting in tight spaces, which makes them ideal for your furniture lock for your new office or storefront design. Our tiny Flin is Bluetooth and RFID controlled with an optional 1,5 m flat cable. The option to change the colour of this cabinet lock depends on the quantity ordered. Two 35mm wholes on the electronic cabinet lock side and its 11mm help in an easy install.

The smallest wired electronic lock offers the PS Locks with the BEETLE. This Bluetooth furniture lock or RFID cabinet lock can be combined with our SOLO to allow control over a whole cabinet and multiple doors. Equipped with a 1,5 m cable, this keyless electronic cabinet lock is made of robust die-cast zinc. A lengthened bolt on the BEETLE BOLT version can be used for hidden electronic locks of drawer slides, central locking rods or hinges on your show case cabinet.

PS Locks offers you the slim electronic cabinet lock QUAD with an extra narrow design, so you can fit this drawer lock anywhere. A second case for your batteries is the secret of this hidden lock. A robust gearbox and metal casing in low height is used on post boxes, furniture and glass doors. This hidden electronic lock uses 2 AAA batteries and a cable connection to your strong lock electronics.

Inside office doors can be closed electronically as well. The STRIKER control unit is used to open electrical 12V strikers in an inside door. The control unit can work with RFID or Bluetooth through the waterproof key card and key fob. This RFID or Bluetooth control unit is mostly used in offices.

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