FIT - with free/occupied sign

FIT 13

FIT- the electronic furniture lock with free/occupied LED indicator, for use with free cabinet selection.


  • Gym
  • employer cabinets
  • wellness area

The lock is mounted on the fixed body and the tolerant closing part on the freely movable door.

The lock is operated with RFID cards, Bluetooth or for system developers via external relays. The range of the RFID cards is 22 mm – for thicker doors there is the possibility to extend the antenna for another 10mm, this can then be milled into the door.

This lock was developed mainly for use in gyms.

The lock is operated with a 13.56 MHz (Mifare) key card.

electronic cabinet lock Datasheet for download

Included in the delivery:

  • lock with LED sign
  • flexible locking part latch75
  • adjustable antenna
  • 1,8 m cable
Artikel Nr:Eigenschaften:Technologie:
FIT 1312V betriebenes SchrankschlossRFID

LED sign

When closing, the cabinet door is pressed shut and the card is stopped until the light turns red. To open, the card is stopped again, thus the LED turns green, which means that the cabinet is open again.

12V Power supply

With a 12V power supply, the FIT lock is free
of usage of batteries. The power consumption is very low at 50 mA,
0.6 watts are required.

Up to 20 locks can be supplied per trafo. Every
lock has a 1.8 m long cable, which can be extended with one or more FIT extension cables
, a cable is 2m long.  Each
six cables are connected to a FIT extension 6m and continued. The cable
can be directly connected with the trafo or the next FIT

Artikel Nr:Eigenschaften:Technologie:
FIT Power Supply 15WSpannungsversorgung für bis zu 20 Schlösser12V DC

Extension cable

The cable is used to extend the cable on the lock and has a length of 2m. Up to 10 cables can be plugged together.

Artikel Nr:Eigenschaften:Länge:
Fit extensioncable black 2mVerlängerungskabel2m


Up to 6 cables can be connected to the dispatcher, these can either come directly from the lock or be an extension of the cable. With a cable length of 2m, the distributor can be plugged directly into the power supply or into another dispatcher.

Artikel Nr:Eigenschaften:Länge:
Fit extension 6xVerteiler2m


Public Mode / free locker choice
Free lockers can be locked by RFID /Mifare cards and only the card used for this purpose can open this locker again. For emergency opening, an authorised person has an administrator card with which all lockers can be opened.

Procedure: The customer places his valuables in a free locker, closes the door and occupies this locker by briefly holding out his card. The lock locks and the LED status indicator changes to red. If the card is held against the lock again, the lock opens again, the customer can remove the valuables and the LED display changes back to green. Thus, the tray is ready for the next customer.

Use at: Fitness studio, SPA areas, employee lockers

Private mode / fixed assignment of the RFID cards
With the programming card, the administrator can activate and, if necessary, deactivate up to 49 RFID cards of users. Optionally, the FIT lock can also be equipped with a Push-To-Open / Tip-On. Thus the door opens automatically as soon as the lock is opened by the user and there is no need for a handle on the door.

Use for: Staff cabinets, office cabinets

Special solutions

Due to our production team in Austria, we are very flexible in the production of special solutions such as:

  • Bluetooth control instead of RFID cards (can also be controlled with your own app)
  • DUAL with RFID and Bluetooth Technology
  • 2V or 12V for external control with relay
  • Feedback contact (door open / closed)
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