HooD - Module for your hidden safe

HooD Safe module for secret places

Protect your valuables with the HooD built-in safe – invisible and secure. Our invisible built-in safe can be installed by a carpenter in wall shelves, closet shelves or on the underside of tables. Thanks to its invisible installation, the HooD built-in safe is more secure than conventional safes and offers you the ultimate security for your valuables. Rely on the invisible strength of the HooD built-in safe and protect your valuables from burglars.

The HooD built-in safe is opened with Bluetooth and the “PSLocks” app which is available free of charge in the stores. With the PS Locks app, you can control your built-in safe conveniently and securely via your smartphone. Simply download the app, connect it to your HooD built-in safe and enjoy convenient and secure operation. In the app, you can change the name of the lock, the code to open it and the administrator code at any time.

A deeper installation of a safe with a cover at the bottom is possible to make it invisible. Alternatively, the HooD built-in safe can be painted or covered with a film.

To install a safe, a router/trimmer is required to hollow out the floor for the safe.

  • 20mm height
  • 350 x 250mm Dimension
  • Stainless steel raw
  • Brass hinges
  • Brass damper/gas spring
  • Standard code for opening: 1234
  • Default code for the administrator: 123456
  • Including batteries with a service life of 3-5 years

electronic cabinet lock Download HooD data sheet

Installation without a bottom cover

Installation with a cover at the bottom

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