SOLO - for furniture doors, drawers and sliding doors


The SOLO can be used for doors, drawers and sliding doors and is attached to the respective door or panel on the inside. Invisible from the outside, the SOLO lock is then operated with key cards, key fobs or with a smartphone.

The RFID reading range and battery life depends on the technology used and the quality of the keys used. (Key cards, key fobs or RFID stickers)or type of battery.

A minimum distance of 10 cm between two RFID locks must be maintained as soon as the battery is inserted.

electronic cabinet lock Datasheet for download

electronic cabinet lock 3D STEP data for download

electronic cabinet lock Instructions for adjusting the Latch74 locking part


SOLO 125

  • Access control for up to 49 rfid keys
  • EM4102/ EM4200 RFID Technology
  • Software: BOLT (do not lock automatically, locks by card.)
  • Software: GYM (free locker choice for gyms)


  • Access control for up to 49 rfid keys
  • Mifare ISO 14443A RFID Technology
  • Software: BOLT (do not lock automatically, locks by card.)
  • Software: GYM (free locker choice for gyms)

RFID Programming Guide


The external antenna has an improved range for key fob and is recessed with a 35 mm hole.


  • Can also be used in metal cabinets thanks to Bluetooth technology
  • Controllable via the “PSLocks” app or via your own app (interface description)

Programming instruction for the furniture lock with Bluetooth


The SOLO SECONDARY is plugged directly into the back of the SOLO 125, SOLO 13 or SOLO BT and thus opens simultaneously. The standard cable length is 1.5 m and can also be changed on request. The SECONDARY lock can also be controlled by other microprocessors (Arduino, Raspberry …) For the 1.5 m cable the following occupancy applies:
  • White – control line
    • LOW=open
    • HIGH=close
  • black in the middle: Plus 3 V
  • Black outside: minus GND

SOLO 3 V / 12 V DC


The SOLO 3 V is operated with a voltage of 2-3 V DC and has a cable length of 1.5 m. A changeover switch or relay is usually used.  


  • blue– GND / Minus
  • Brown– open
  • black– close

electronic cabinet lock   Datasheet for download


The SOLO 12 V is operated with a voltage of 8-16 V DC and has a cable length of 1.5 m. A changeover switchor a relay is usually used.  


  • Gray- GND / minus
  • Brown– open
  • Yellow – close

    Optionally with “door closed” switch
  • Green – C 
  • White – NO

Hidden spaces

In private sector you can install an array of secret cabinets with hidden furniture locks in your home. For one you can furnish a shelf in your cabinet lock with a false bottom. Second you can build hidden locks in the doors of a cabinet that can only be closed through Bluetooth or a RFID key card. Since electronical cabinet locks are not visible from the outside, can doors with electronical cabinet locks not be found by a burglar. Since electronical cabinet locks are not visible from the outside, can doors with electronical cabinet locks not be found by a burglar.

The popular furniture lock SOLO is often used in drawers as well as electronic revolving doors to deny access to kids and staff in your household. Electronical drawer locks can safely store sweets or even a humidor. Furthermore, hidden Bluetooth furniture locks can hide dangerous cleaning supplies, alcohol and also secure a gun safe additionally.

Shoplifting Reduced Through Electronic Locks

Finding the right key to the according mechanical locks proof to be an obstacle in daily business. Besides that, mechanical cabinet locks are visible from the outside and don’t match every shop design. The electronical cabinet lock SOLO is installed on the inside of the cabinet and is therefore not visible from the outside.

The coverage of RFID furniture locks cards works depending on their frequency up to 25 mm. If the invisible lock is made for Bluetooth, the coverage can be, depending on the cell phone, up to 10 m. The according Latch 74 for this furniture lock can be positioned in all directions and latch of this electronic cabinet lock with align itself with a tolerance of plus -1,5mm.

Through the option ‘Alarm’ the lock of the cabinet will give a signal once the door stays open for more than 15 seconds. The user of the furniture lock will be alerted when the drawer or sliding door is still open and goods could be stolen.

Programming the electronic furniture lock occur by choice through a programming key card or over an online service in combination with the Bluetooth technology. Users key cards of electronic cabinet locks can naturally be activated or deactivated through a single  programming card.

Online solutions are created through the new development in the furniture lock industry to create worldwide access from every PC. Additionally, it is possible to see at what time, which employee used which cabinet lock and how long did the doors stay open till they get used again. Theft can be prevented, since no cabinet with an electronic cabinet lock can involuntarily be left open.

On demand we can create user key cards for each store and department to allow access for all employee to all locks or just a couple. If an electronic key card should get lost or a new furniture is added to your store, you can order directly additional key cards and electronic drawer locks.  

Lockers in elderly homes and hospitals

With an electronic cabinet lock, like the SOLO, patient lockers can be closed with RFID key cards or Bluetooth. An essential advantage of electronic furniture locking systems allows that male and female nurses can have access to the locked cabinets. During a ward round, alcoholic beverages can be found for instance. In the practice a person with trembling hands might find the use of an electronic key card way easier to handle.

Solutions for Coworking Office

Office rooms are more flexible and smarter in the future. With the electronic SOLO cabinet lock employee cabinets, lockers as well as drawers can be locked with RFID or Bluetooth. A free-choice electronic furniture allows each co-worker to use any cabinet or any drawer in an open timeframe. Especially in an office with coworking structures and in an open-plane office with flexible work spaces a free-choice cabinet can be an advantage. Each electronical lock for a locker can be used from multiple employee key cards. The administrator with the programming card can always compensate a missing card and make a new one.

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