Online Access Control Solutions


Renting instead of buying sports equipment is becoming more and more popular. Tankr has developed a special software for this purpose, which can be used to rent a wide range of equipment, from canoes to bicycles.

In combination with the Bluetooth PS locks, the equipment is released without contact. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, PS locks can be attached flexibly within the range.


The online management software with the
Boxtronik gateway controls PS locks via Bluetooth. This means that lockers
and storage compartments in self-storage facilities can be booked online and occupied
immediately afterwards.

Thanks to Bluetooth control, the locks do not
require any wiring and are battery-operated. With the combination
of proven technologies, self-storage facilities will be operated without fixed
opening hours and employees in the future.

Tapkey- online access control

Tapkey is an online provider for access control systems with an easy app for the user. Aside of doors, cars and boxes, the app can also manage all our PS locks with the “Tapkey-Ready” software. International partner like DOM, Tokai Rika, WITTE, Ruptela und Locaboo are already part of this Tapkey family.


Blocks is a smart locker technology that allows companies, retail stores, residential areas and hotels to deliver, exchange and store packages in one place.

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