Public Storage - free choice of locker with cell phone


Rental lockers - Changing room lockers

This new “PUBLIC STORAGE” app is used both for the changing room locker in the fitness center and for temporary storage lockers.

Visitors can install the free app and then occupy a cupboard or drawer without paying.

Only one cabinet can be occupied per telephone and the administrator can determine how long the maximum occupancy period is. This time is variable from one to 24 hours. Alternatively, the administrator can also deactivate the maximum occupancy period. This means that lockers and changing room lockers can also be used permanently.


  • Office – Changing room lockers
  • Fitness studio – Lockers
  • Restaurant / Cafe – Storage compartments for valuables
  • Department store – cupboards, display cabinets for storage
  • Hotels – Lockers for luggage storage
  • No monthly costs
  • Free APP
  • No WLAN required
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