Open Source locks and online access control solutions

Use your own App to control PS locks

If you want to integrate PS locks into your own app? It´s not a problem, the interface (API) to PS locks is open and available for everyone. With the API, you can control all types of PS locks directly via Bluetooth. 

API functions

  • Opening locks using Bluetooth when you are within range
  • Renaminge locks
  • Manageing the security codes for both users and administrators
  • Readings of history of users (who opened the lock, when, and when  was the door closed again)
  • Reading changes in temperature and humidity (these values are stored every 2 hours)
  • Changeinge the unlock-time before it locks occurss automatically

Open Source Counterpart: Günther Sutterlüty, Mobile +43 664 17 22 900, 


Create your own firmware for Bluetooth & RFID

We have a BGM113 Silicon Labs chip on our board and it’s programmed with „C“. To measure the temperature and humidity, we added also an additional sensor. (Si7006 von Silabs)

You can plug in our RFID extension to read and write 13,56 MHz cards. We have a CLRC663 Von NXP chip in use for this task.

On request, we can provide you with wiring diagrams and libraries from our existing firmware.

Download: Connecting cable between programming adapter and lock

Open Source Counterpart: Günther Sutterlüty, Mobile +43 664 17 22 900,

Use your existing electronics

If you already have electronic and firmware, you can adapt the shape of your development to the PS size. Finally, you will get all PS locks with 5 years warranty to the mechanical parts combined with your intelligence.

Open Source Counterpart: Günther Sutterlüty, Mobile +43 664 17 22 900,

Online Access Control Solutions

Are you looking for an online solution? 

Look to our online solution partners:

Bitwards - Online Access Control Finland

With Bitwards Mobile Access, you can manage access online and worldwide.

It is therefore no longer necessary to be on site because the access authorization takes place directly on the mobile phone.

SAS - Smart Access Solutions Munich

Use the SAS Android or iOS app and open PS Locks Bluetooth locks with a single touch of a finger.

The keys always with you
Your permissions are stored in a virtual keychain on the smartphone – allowing you to operate your locking system without an Internet connection while still providing cetralised management.

MTI Connect - solutions for the retail market

  • Which employee has opened the drawer when?
  • How long did the door stay open?

These key issues in retail can drastically reduce thefts.

The MTI Connect family combines hardware and software to provide tailored solutions for retail.

HÄFELE Loox - controls locks and lights

Using radio control from HÄFELE, the BLE Box, you can not only control lights and tables via Bluetooth, but also unlock our SOLO locks.

This specially developed lock already has the necessary connectors for the HÄFELE cabling.

When ordering, use the HÄFELE article number “EFL51”.

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