About PS GmbH

Development & production

PS GmbH develops and produces innovative electronic locking systems for furniture in Austria.

Our product range extends from RFID and Bluetooth to simple electromechanical locks.

With its own production and development building, production has been carried out entirely in Austria for the first time since 2012.

5 years warranty

You can rely on the service and quality of PS products.

Despite our quality management measures, a defect may occur. You get 5 years warranty on all our products except batteries.

Benefit from the security of guaranteed reliable support!

Made in Austria

The specialist for electronic RFID locking systems PS GmbH relies on “100% Made in Austria” and thus against the outsourcing trend. Great importance is attached to the choice of suppliers of individual parts, which are usually reachable within 3 hours by car.

With the newly gained quality of the suppliers as well as the flexible production in Austria, PS GmbH sets the course for a long-term, constant and qualitatively reliable production.

TÜV Austria

With the introduced quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001 a new milestone could be set.

Depending on the target country and sales market, our products are CE and FCC certified by TÜV Austria.

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