TEN - combination lock for cabinets - drawers and sliding doors


The TEN keypad lock allows furniture to be locked with a combination of keys.

The keypad is attached to the outside of the door and bolted to the lock on the inside. The 7 cm cable connects the two components through a pre-drilled hole in the door.


  • lock with keypad
  • locking part LATCH74
  • Screws for a 16/19 mm front
  • Battery

On request, screws can also be supplied for deviating frontal thickness.

electronic cabinet lock Datasheet for download



  • Individual 4-digit code for public institutions
  • free locker choice
  • Open with previously used code which is subsequently deleted
  • Opened at rest
  • Simple emergency opening with master code


  • 4-digit code for private use or workplace
  • Closed at rest
  • When entering the code, the lock unlocks for 3 seconds
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