BEETLE - probably the smallest electronic lock in the world


The BEETLE is an electromechanical furniture lock, which is connected either to a SOLO lock or directly to external voltage.
The small, robust design allows a variety of applications from showcases through drawers to caravans or boats.

All versions are equipped with a 1.5 m cable. The length and possible plugs can be adjusted on request.

The housing is made of stable die-cast zinc and the power consumption is 100 to a maximum of 500 mA for 0.3 seconds. If the lock has reached an end position, no electricity flows. If there is a loss of power, the lock remains in the last position.

electronic cabinet lock Datasheet for download


The BEETLE SECONDARY is usually used in combination with a SOLO lock and can be connected to the back of the SOLO. Alternatively, any other microprocessor may be used for control.

For the 1.5 m cable the following occupancy applies:

  • White – control line, LOW = open, HIGH = close
  • Black center: Plus 3V
  • Black outside: minus GND
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BEETLE SECONDARYLock for combination with a SOLO as a groupDie-cast zinc

BEETLE 3 V / 12 V DC


The BEETLE 3V is operated with a voltage of 2-3 V DC. Usually a double throw switch or a relay is used.


  • Blue – GND / Minus
  • Brown – open
  • Black – close


The BEETLE 12 V is operated with a voltage of 8-16 V DC. Usually a double throw switch or a relay is used.


  • Blue – GND / Minus
  • Brown – open
  • Black – close
BEETLE 3VLock with 3 V controlDie-cast zinc
BEETLE 12V Lock with 12 V controlDie-cast zinc


The BOLT versions of the BEETLE lock has a lengthened bolt. This is up to 3mm beyond the case. These versions are used for locks of drawer slides, central locking rods or hinges. 

BEETLE SECONDARY BOLTLock for combination with a SOLO as a groupDie-cast zinc
BEETLE 3V BOLTLock with 3 V control​Die-cast zinc
BEETLE 12V BOLT Lock with 12 V control​Die-cast zinc
Electronic lock for furniture and lockers

PS Locks has a wide range of highly innovated and secure furniture locking systems and mechanisms, suited for various purposes according to customers’ requirements. And in the long line of highly satisfactory and reliable solutions comes the BEETLE locking system. BEETLE locks by PS Locks are the smallest electronic lock in the world and can be used for a variety of purposes. Our electronic BEETLE lock is connected with a SOLO lock or even external voltage in some cases to serve its purpose and provide its user with a highly satisfactory solution.

For PS Locks, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. This is why we have hired some of the top professionals in the field to provide highly satisfying locking solutions to our customers. And this is how our R&D department came up with our BEETLE lineup. The BEETLE has a wide variety of offerings for one to choose from according to their requirement. One can choose from BEETLE SECONDARY, BEETLE 3 V / 12 V models and BEETLE BOLT; they all would serve them well.

Our electronic BEETLE lock offering is also a customizable one as one can request the length of the cable to be changed and plugs to be modified. The hidden BEETLE locks are made with stable cast zinc and can consume 500 mA for 0.3 seconds. We make sure you enjoy durability and quality in all our electronic furniture locks.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today and purchase the right BEETLE lock model for your needs. And if you are not sure which one is right for you or have any queries regarding our product line, we have a dedicated customer support line manned by highly experienced professionals to help you out at your convenience, no matter the query you might have.

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