Pick - Up Station

Self pickup in seconds! 

The right to fill the cabinets rests with the individual or the general public, depending on the configuration. 

To open, a code is simply sent to the recipient. This can then be used to pick up the goods.

The system is online 24/7, so the cabinets can be filled or the parcels can be taken away at any time. Through this online connection, it also offers the possibility of remote control.


Step 1

Choose recipient

The phone number, mail address or name of the recipient is typed in.

Only the authorized person can then access this cabinet to open it again.

Step 2

Choose the size of the cabinet

Now, depending on the size of the items to be stored, the cupboard size is selected.

Depending on the configuration, this may or may not be possible.

Step 3

Code gets sent to the recipient

Now, the code, for opening the cabinet gets sent to the recipient.

For sending, you can choose from several options.

MAIL | SMS | slack| TEAMS | Jira | Blocks App

Step 4

Opening the cabinet

The recipient of the code can use this one for opening the cabinet.

The code is simply entered on the display or the lockers are conveniently opened via the Blocks app.

Step 5

Take Away

After the code is entered, the lock opens by itself.

The display shows the direction in which the cabinet to be opened is located.

Now the goods can be removed and the cabinet is ready for further filling.854

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Blocks x PS GmbH

The Pick-Up Station system can only be realized through the interaction of several components.


Blocks is a software locker platform with over 150 000 + users founded in Prague and has been making lockers smart since 2017.

Blocks approach lockers as a multifunctional tool for companies and facilities that can serve many challenging needs of today’s flexible work environment.

Locking System

The locking system is one big part of this solution. The Bluetooth-controllable locks are handmade in Austria by the PS GmbH Team.

The locks are already included in the software. For you the handling should be as easy as possible.


Now to the main part of the pick-up-station – the cabinet. The locking system with software can be installed in almost all types of cabinets.

Therefore, we recommend that you have the cabinet made by the carpenter you trust. He knows best what fits your design.

However, we would be happy to help and support you with this as well.

More than just a parcel station!



Make your day in the office more easy! With our innovative pick-up station, you pass on letters, goods and documents safely and efficiently. No more lost records or time-consuming runs!

Our system records all shipments centrally and authorized employees can easily pick them up. Sensitive data and confidential documents are protected thanks to state-of-the-art security technologies. Optimize your daily office routine and make the flow of information smooth and secure with our system.

Stores with collection

Use our practical pick-up station for your store! Customers can also pick up their orders outside business hours. Simply fill once and each customer can conveniently pick up their items themselves. No more waiting, no more stress! Offer your customers flexibility and convenience with our pick-up station.

Ensure smooth pickup and increase customer satisfaction. Make your business accessible 24/7!

Key rental

Simplify key rental with our practicable pick-up station. Automation and compact size make it ideal for keys.

The recipient receives a code to collect the key. No more tedious waiting or personal handovers! Simply enter the code and remove the key.

Simplify your processes, save time and increase efficiency with our pick-up station for secure key hire.

Post | Amazon | Parcel services

With our practical pick-up station, parcel collection becomes child’s play. The courier fills the cupboard with the parcels and the recipient can conveniently pick them up. No more long waits for delivery people or missed deliveries!

Our system enables a smooth and safe collection. Whether for private or business purposes, our pick-up station offers you flexibility and convenience.

Take advantage of our solution and make parcel collection stress-free and time-saving.

Stock on collection

Optimise the material flow in your large company with our efficient pick-up station. Peak times and overtaxing the warehouse clerk are a thing of the past. Our system allows material to be filled during the day so that all employees can access it without stress.

No waiting, no rush! Simplify the process and increase productivity.

With our pick-up station, you have everything under control and create a smooth working environment, even during busy times.

Vehicle fleet management

Simplify your fleet management and car rental with our innovative pick-up station. No more annoying appointments to pick up a vehicle. Anyone can pick up the car independently with a code, regardless of the presence of the manager.

No more time restrictions! Save time and allow your employees flexible vehicle collection. Our pick-up station makes fleet management more efficient and stress-free.

Car dealer

Make car collection after a repair at your dealership easy and convenient with our pick-up station. Customers can pick up their vehicle outside business hours by receiving a code by phone. No more time restrictions!

Offer your customers flexibility and convenience by allowing them to collect their car at any time they wish. Our pick-up station simplifies the collection process and ensures a smooth customer experience.

Efficient deployment of staff

Our practicable pick-up station makes picking up store orders more easy. Simply fill the cupboard once and customers can pick up their orders independently on site.

No more need to assign staff to collections during the day and keep them from their work. Offer your customers flexbility and save time and resources

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